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Keynote Speakers
Dr. Osama Moselhi - Keynote Speakers
Professor at Concordia University, Montreal
Dr. Moselhi is Professor of Engineering in the Department of Building, Civil and Environmental
Engineering at Concordia University. He has over 40 years of professional and academic
experience. He is Fellow of AACE International, ASCE, CSCE and CAE. Since joining Concordia in
1985, after a decade of industry experience, Dr. Moselhi supervised and co‐supervised over 80
Masters and Ph.D. graduates, authored and co‐authored over 350 scientific publications. His
industry experience spans tall buildings, bridges, nuclear power plants, harbor and offshore
facilities. He is recipient of numerous honours and awards, including the prestigious Walter
Shanly Award of CSCE in recognition of “outstanding contributions to the development and
practice of construction engineering in Canada” and the Tucker‐Hasegawa Award of the
International Association for Automation and Robotics in Construction (IAARC) in recognition of
his “major and sustained contribution to the field of Automation and Robotics in Construction”.
He is member of the Provost's Circle of Distinction. Dr. Moselhi served as international
consultant on academic affairs and on construction projects in Canada, USA and the Middle
East. His research interest encompasses optimized project delivery systems, planning,
procurement, resource allocation, tracking and control for efficient management of
construction projects, with a focus on risk management, productivity analysis, management of
construction claims and development of decision support systems embracing information
technology, remote sensing, web‐enabling and spatial technologies.
Wireless and Smart Senescing
Technologies for Automated
Tracking and Progress Reporting of
Construction Operations